Discover Which Teeth Whitening Method Is Best For You

Having a set of white and shiny teeth is a dream for most of us, but not many of us put an actual effort to reach that goal. On the contrary, we are often too lazy to brush our teeth twice a day or to visit our dentist on a regular basis, let alone to perform additional procedures to enhance the beauty of our smile.
However, teeth whitening process is a painless and efficient method that can alter your appearance and transform you into a different person, and your teeth can be brighter than ever. There are two primary ways in which this procedure can be performed, and it all depends on your personal needs and preferences. In other words, you can choose the one that is more convenient for your lifestyle, but the results will be similar, and you will end up with a white set of teeth.


In-chair teeth whitening

If the process of teeth whitening is performed in a dental clinic, we call it an in-chair whitening method. This system offers several benefits, and the most prominent one is the fact that the results will be visible on the same day, i.e. after the procedure is over, which usually lasts 2-3 hours. Specialists will use powerful bleaching agents, such as hydrogen peroxide, and modern methods also incorporate LED lights to improve the results further.

At-home teeth whitening

When it comes to at-home teeth whitening process, this method takes a bit more time, or to be precise – it usually lasts around two or three weeks. The patients will receive wearable trays that they have to place every day and wear them for 40-45 minutes, depending on the type of the product. Of course, there are other products besides gels, and patients can use toothpaste, strips, or other specialized items that are available at their local pharmacy. However, it is vital to consult an expert first, and doing anything on your own could lead to grave consequences. Stains and discoloration can quickly disappear, but only if you follow the instructions and apply the right procedure.